Condiciones de Participación


1. Registration and Payment

A course is booked bindingly, as soon as the signed registration contract has been received by Bonnlingua.  A place in a course will only be reserved, as soon as the course fee and registration fee has been received. The customer will only receive the contractually fixed performance (language tuition), after the agreed upon fee as fixed in the registration contract has been settled. By signing the registration agreement the customer is obliged to pay the agreed upon fee in full before starting the course. A booking confirmation will only be issued subsequent to the full amount of the fee for the relevant booking period being received by Bonnlingua. The course fee for each new course must be paid at the latest on the first day of the contractually agreed start of the course. The customer will be excluded from the course, if the course fee has not been settled one week into the course, without being granted a time credit in case of a later payment. The booking of a contractually agreed course cannot be transferred to another person.


2. Attendance

If a participant is not able to attend the booked course or cannot be present at the first agreed day of the course and needs to postpose the booked period, then he/she is obliged to inform Bonnlingua at least ten days ahead of the start of the course in writing so that he/she can be granted a time credit or a re-booking. The period booked by a student is considered to be binding. If the student interrupts the course or opts out early, then he is not entitled to claim a time credit. In case of an interruption by the student, the student does not have a claim for a new course that corresponds to his current level. Students, who cannot take part in an exam included in the course, are not eligible to be offered another date free of charge.


3. Withdrawal and Refund

It is not possible to withdraw from the registration after the booking of a course has become binding or in case of opting out of a course early before the contractually agreed period has ended. Course fees that have not yet been paid (this also applies to part payments not yet paid) for the booked period must also be paid in full in  case of an early dropping out, or not participating or being prevented from participating. It is only possible to return the fees in part that refers to the booking period not covered by a visa, in case a visa resp. an extension of the residence permit of a student is not granted (except if incurred at the student’s fault), minus a processing fee amounting to EUR 150, provided a confirmation of the rejection is submitted in writing by the embassy or foreigners authority.


4. Cancellation of Lessons

Bonnlingua is not liable in case lessons are cancelled due to force majeure. Course fees are not reduced, if students are absent from the lessons (due to illness or holidays). If a tutor becomes ill, Bonnlingua is obliged to find a substitute or to make up for the missed lessons as soon as possible. Lessons that were cancelled due to teachers‘  illnesses will be reimbursed unrestrictedly by time credits.


5. Scope of Lessons

A minimum of 5 students is required to set up an intensive course. If the minimum required number of participants is not achieved altogether or on an individual day, the course will still take place regardless but the lessons are reduced as follows: in case of 4 students: by 1 day per week, in case of 3 students by 2 days per week, in case of 2 students by 3 days per week. One lesson (unit) lasts 45 minutes. One excursion per intensive course is permitted.


6. Bank Holidays

The institute will be closed during the legal bank holidays and Carnival Monday as well as between Holy Eve and New Year’s Eve. Should the booked period contain any official bank holidays (Easter, Whitsun etc.), no time credit will be granted for the lost time.


7. Liability and Place of Jurisdiction

The participants is liable for all damage caused; place of jurisdiction is Bonn., Germany


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